The beginning:
the idea,
the creativity
of the stylist


Product design is carried out in different work phases. From a sketch, from a vintage garment or from a simple idea, work begins with reading and understanding the look, the mood that the designer wants to convey to allow the initial sketch to evolve into the prototype that will go into production.

Later we make the paper pattern made and we tailor the first prototype, ready to be submitted to the customer.


Our qualified staff in the field of traditional corsetry pays detailed attention to the phase of  industrialization of the product, which means moving from the design phase to the actual production, always with an handmade style, with 100% internal quality control, trying to satisfy the customer’s needs at their best.

Here some services that we can provide during this phase:

  • Study and realization of the first prototype and basic paper pattern with CAD_LECTRA System.
  • Fitting of the paper base model based on the customer’s directions.
  • Samples setting.
  • Setting up and creation of size chart.
  • Production pricing.
  • Niche specialisation: traditional corsetry revisited in contemporary style: True Made in Italy.