State of the art
and tools
for modeling
and cutting room


Our company keeps the traditional craftsmanship alongside with a modern production process: from model development, from cutting and tailoring to packaging in compliance with delivery times and an high quality standard on the entire items production.

We also flanks handmade tradition with the use of modern tools such as CAD-LECTRA

for modeling and cutting, and new sewing machines that allow us a direct and steady monitoring of every single sewed garment.

Our qualified, skilled and trained staff works in team to internally check all the production phases.

This is how we realize a real handmade garment, true Made in Italy.

Here some services that we can provide during this phase:

  • Series production (cutting, tailoring).
  • Internal control over multiple processing phases.
  • Labeling and packaging.
  • All over and placed fabric fusing.
  • Following of delivery times.